Friday, February 03, 2006

"Reflections" - Do

"Reflections" - Do: "The reason why Ayurveda is being critised is becasue of FEW (very few ) persons who give western medicine in the name of ayurveda and also because of the guys who come in the satellite television and advice all kinds of magical cures.
The situation has become to such an extent that the mention of Ayurveda or Siddha immediately brings the image of these fraudulent doctors to the people's mind and the general public thinks that Ayurveda is for treating 'ill effects of masturbation' only

Only when there is a rule regulating these lodge and TV doctors, Ayurveda can prosper.

A lady came to me with 'Setthu poon'. I adviced her to mix Turmeric powder in Gingelly oil and apply. She gave a scornful look and went away. She had complained to the Hospital Worker that my MBBS degree should be fake and she needs Immediate cure. This is the reality. Public are so misled by the media that they seek Ayurvedic cure for conditions thatdo not need medicine (example given above) or for diseases where there is NO cure in Ayurveda (Psoariasis, Diabetes) and then blame all the ayurvedic doctors. For all diseases where Ayurveda has BETTER medicines than Allopathy (common cold), they prefer Allopathy because it has 'instant Cure'

The same analogy is with Astrology. People run away from the astrologers only because they have been cheated in the past by 'a person who claimed to be an astrologer'"

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