Friday, March 17, 2006

Cosmetic Image Enhancement

The care team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America understands that hair loss, and changes in skin and body can be devastating after effects of cancer and the resulting treatment. In our mission to bring you and your family total care as we help you fight cancer, our Image Enhancement specialists provide support in two important ways.
Cosmetic Image Enhancement
CTCA’s Cosmetic Image Enhancement program assists both women and men who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation with appearance and body image issues. Our team will help you to prepare for hair loss and other cosmetic changes that may occur with treatment. We have developed classes and seminars for you, your family and community members, as well as beauticians, cosmetologists and salon personnel.
Plastic and Reconstructive Support
Our surgical oncologists work with a team of plastic and reconstructive surgeons to consult with you prior to cancer surgery. In many cases, the plastic surgeons perform their restorative procedures immediately following or during the cancer surgery.

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