Sunday, December 04, 2005

Can Ayurveda cure HIV/AIDS?

If Government will take initiative to establish Ayurveda Research Centre, then India will soon find out the medicine to treat the HIV/Aids, said Dr P Sivarama, noted Ayurveda practitioner.

Speaking to the reporters here on Wednesday, he said the Indian Herbal Therapy used for Cytomegaloviral Esophagitis (HIV patients) had recently proved effective and affordable drug for HIV.
He said CD4 - a part of White Blood Corpuscles - drops in HIV patient due to viruses. This renders the patient weak getting fever and the patient even cannot gulp his saliva, as it causes a pain in the chest, said Dr Sivarama.
He said the Ayurvedic therapy helps in destroying the viruses and the patient can be saved. Dr Sivarama said the Ayurvedic therapy mentioned, was not the complete solution for HIV/Aids patients, but it could certainly increase the life span of the patient.

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