Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chromium prevents diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity

by Mike Adams

Of all the trace minerals, chromium may be the most beneficial to diabetes patients. It's an insulin potentiator, so it makes the body's own insulin production go further.

If you have diabetes or blood sugar disorders, you need to know about chromium. We've assembled a large collection of quotes for you right here, but at the same time, we encourage you to check with your naturopathic physician before beginning chromium supplementation so that you can get a full review of your diet, supplements and blood sugar situation.

Here's the collection of quotes from many of the top health authors writing today...

Chromium vs. diabetes

Both celiac disease and diabetes are major contributors to the epidemic of magnesium deficiency and chromium deficiency. Up to 90 percent of Americans and Canadians consume less than the minimal 50 micrograms of chromium a day. It follows that celiacs eating a normal diet would be profoundly chromium deficient. Chromium deficiency is associated with 1. hyperglycemia 2. hyperinsulinism/insulin-resistance 3. insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM, Type 1) 4. adult-onset diabetes (NIDDM, Type 2) 5. gestational diabetes (diabetes of pregnancy) 6. corticosteroid-induced diabetes Read more…

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