Friday, October 28, 2011

Organic and Natural Skin, Hair and Body Care by the Youn

We see natural skin care education as a key to our strength and viability as a sensitive skin, hair and body care product company.

We believe consumers should be informed to enable them to make the best choices about organic skin care.

We have discovered that knowing what NOT to put on your face, body and hair is as important and perhaps more important than what you do.

Since there is so much confusion in the market place, we have made a list of the most dangerous and damaging ingredients commonly used in the face, body and hair care industry.

Some of these ingredients you can not pronounce unless you are a chemist and many of these are listed on products using a different name, but we will continue to update this list to keep you informed of these damaging, allergenic, and many times carcinogenic pollutants to your body and the environment.

Some of these ingredients are more dangerous then others, but we believe NONE of these ingredients should be applied to your face, hair or body under any circumstances and you should avoid them at all cost. Read more...

AyurGold for Healthy Blood

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