Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big Diet - Bullshit

by Dipl. biol. Birgit Frohn,

Low fat, low carb – all no guarantee for losing weight. No matter whether we are talking fats, carbon hydrates or proteins: The only thing that counts is the amount of calories we are eating. A US-study about the influence of the combination of nutrients on our weight makes this lesson clear.

Crisis? No issue when it comes to diets – after all they have uninhibited high season for decades. The list of ways on how to get the ideal weight is getting longer: Some rule out any fats, others recommend large amounts of proteins and - don't touch carbon hydrates. But not just the “yo-yo” effect makes clear - with the scale’s finger going to the right with no mercy - how little those plenty of methods are worth. Read more...

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