Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gaia Herbs achieves industry breakthrough in herb potency, safety and traceability

I'm a big fan of herbal products, but have you ever wondered whether the ingredients that are supposed to be in those products are actually present in their correct potency? Did you ever wonder where the herbs really came from?

As you'll discover here, one company has suddenly and dramatically changed the entire medicinal herbs landscape by offering consumers a kind of X-Ray vision (without the X-Rays) into the potency, origin and safety of the exact herbs that are inside each bottle.

This innovation is called "Meet Your Herbs," and I first became aware of it at a recent natural products expo in California where I happened to catch a glimpse of someone carrying a bag emblazed with the slogan. The "Meet Your Herbs" phrase made instant sense to me because I've been living in Ecuador for the last two years where I've finally been able to grow and meet many of the medicinal herbs I used to buy solely as finished product. Read more...

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