Friday, April 30, 2010

Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Disease

Bioweapons, Health, and the Individual
by Doc Holliday
from the Laissez Faire City Times

Ever read one of those Internet articles on biowarfare? Have you seen the TV tabloid terror shows about government incompetence/malfeasance with the handling of biological agents of horrifyingly destructive power? Did you read the Hot Zone by Richard Preston or see his article in the New Yorker this week called "The Bioengineers"?

I have seen all of the above, and I'm shocked. I am shocked at the insanity of blindly believing "national interests" are at stake and governments should "do something" to protect "the people." I am repulsed by the stupidity of immediately turning to government for solutions to problems that are in fact a consequence of the world-wide growth in nation-state power over the individual during the last three centuries. Read more...

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