Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

By William Faloon

Don't Overeat Beef
Excess consumption of red meat is linked to a number of age-related disorders, especially atherosclerosis. The author of the recent study linking carnosine deficiency to higher glycation rates in vegetarians concedes that red meatโ€™s detrimental health effects may outweigh the anti-glycation benefits conferred by the carnosine that is naturally present in meat.

Health-conscious consumers often minimize their consumption of meat, thus depriving their bodies of carnosine. If carnosine is the missing link in explaining why vegetarians do not live that much longer than omnivores, then supplementation with 1000 mg a day of carnosine would appear to be at least as important as vitamin B12 for those on meat-restricted diets. Read more...

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