Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fomentation Therapy

Fomentation, or sweating, necessarily follows oleation. Induced by heat from different sources it brings sweat on the skin through hair follicles by opening the pores of the skin. Due to fomentation the agni is increased and the fatty tissue gets mobilized. While throwing out waste as ama (toxins) through the skin it also helps liquefy aggravated doshas, dilating all body channels for the cleansing.

It is divided into two main types, Agni Sweda wherein heat is applied directly as steam and Anagni Sweda where no external heat source is necessary e.g exercises, fighting, walking, lifting heavy loads, exposure to sunlight, stay in centrally heated rooms, putting heavy blankets over the body etc.

Charaka has described about thirteen types of fomentation of which some are in practice now.
Upanaha Sweda - fomentation by poultice
Ushma Sweda - steam fomentation
Nadi Sweda - local steam fomentation (steam/vapour of medicated decoction of leaves)
Avagah Sweda - tub bath in warm decoction of medicated water.
Pizichili - pouring of oil on the body. Continue Reading >>

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