Thursday, January 05, 2006 - Agni - Agni: "Thou, oh Agni, shining forth throughout the days, from the waters, from the stones, from the forests and from the herbs, thou as the ruler of all human souls, are ever born pure.
Rishi Gritsamada RV II.1.1
The Secret of Agni (Agni Rahasya):
The Journey of the Soul through the Kingdoms of Nature
By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)
In ancient Vedic thought, the individual soul was symbolized by fire. Our inner soul, hidden like a secret flame deep within our hearts, abides inextinguishable throughout all our states of consciousness of waking, dream and deep sleep. It endures as the witness through our every birth and death, through all the many sojourns in the various worlds and planes of existence of our soul�s vast manifestation.
The Rigveda-the oldest of the Vedas and perhaps the key to our ancient spiritual heritage as a species-begins characteristically with the image of the fire sacrifice as a universal metaphor, the underlying process of all existence. This spiritual fire sacrifice indicates that all our thoughts and actions are offerings to our soul in order to help it grow and evolve in consciousness as it moves through the world of nature on its way back to the Godhead or Brahman.
This fire was called Agni, meaning the inner guide (agra-ni). Agni is the Divine child, seed or embryo (kumara, putra, sunu, sishu, garbha, napat), the spiritual consciousness that enters into creation and builds it up from within. Agni contains the essence, the source and the matrix of who we are and all that we can become. All the forces of nature are the mothers of this Divine child that nothing can limit or overcome. Agni is the mystery of our birth and death and the doorway to the infinite and the eternal.
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